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Japans Super Mario Bros Movie Happy Meal Toys The Sea is a Lot of money

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McDonalds in Japan presented the Happy Meal toys Super Mario Bros which will be available for meals each day. The toys will be available for limited time on December 23, 2022. Not all McDonalds will have them in Japan. [Thanks, Game Watch!

There will be eight Happy Meal toys for the Super Mario Bros movie. Nevertheless, McDonalds split the release time. The first four will be available on March 23 and 29. For this batch, you can grab a jump-powered Mario, Toad in a race-car, a spinning princess, and a wind-up Donkey Kong. Those four of them will be available from December 30, 2022 to January 5, 2023. In this set you can find Mario in a spinning cart, a Bowser breathes a spinning fire, and Luigi and a spinning Lumalee.

In order to finish the final round of toys, starting from January 6, 2023, you may collect any of the eight. Depending on the McDonalds, you might be able to request a specific one. If they don’t know how to go to Japan during the campaign, they’ll probably be available online.

The Super Mario Bros is a movie in which he’s going to be animated by computer. It will be starring Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Day. The Japanese version has a star-studded cast. The movie is scheduled for April 7, 2023 for the US and February 28, 2023 for Japan.

The Happy Meals Game that Super Mario Bros will give you at McDonalds will be available in Japan from the 23rd of December 2022.


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