Jason Blum gave a report of the sequel to The Invisible Man


The invisible man was released back in 2020 and was well-received by critics and fans. This movie proved an excellent commercial success and has received several awards from award-giving organizations. Many fans have called for a sequel to the movie after its release.

Jason Blum talks about the sequel to The Invisible Man.

After more than two years, director Jason Blum has given the fan a promising update about that film. The founder of Blumhouse Productions recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the sequel. He disclosed that he wants to collaborate with the director James Wan to get it to reality.

“Well, this’s a great question,” replied Blum after being asked about the sequel. I think that we mostly hold me accountable, but hopefully, if our dreams come true and our two companies get together, James will possibly help me solve that problem.

James Wan is open to collaborating on that sequel with Blum. “I’d be more than happy”, said Wan. The director may not be able to work on a new project after The Conjuring spin-off The Crooked Man was canceled.

James Wan is free to collaborating with Blumhouse Productions to make the sequel.

The Invisible man is the book of 1897, written by H. G. Wells. In the original story written by Well, a scientist named Griffin experimented on himself and could turn his body into invisible by changing his body’s refractive index.

Leigh Whannell retells the classic horror story of Griffin’s naive husband. After his wife took drugs and flew, he suddenly tried to commit suicide, and leaves a huge inheritance to her.

Strange things start to happen to Cecilia, and she begins to suspect that her husband faked his own death. She discovers that Griffin turned himself unconscious using a bodysuit. Cecilia ends up getting a suit and getting revenge on her husband.

A movie star, Elizabeth Moss, said that The Invisible Man is in the works.

Elizabeth Moss, who plays Cecilia in the movie, expressed interest in a follow-up movie. The actor revealed that she’s already exploring the possibility of a sequel to The Invisible Man.

“I can’t really say so much, but it’s definitely not yet. It’s not necessarily in the rearview, at all, but I think we have, with any sequel, definitely you want to make sure you are doing the original justice”, said Moss. “And so no one of the people involved has any intention of cracking out something and throwing it up and looking at what happened. We really want it to be as good as the first one, but only better. Did I actually answer that question? It doesn’t exist in the rearview mirror. How’s this?

The new movie “The Invisible Woman” is being planned to include a spin-off film. Elizabeth Banks is set to star and direct the sci-fi film. It is billed as a screw-ball and not a sci-fi horror movie. The invisible woman is a ribbing of the 1940 movie.


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