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JoJos Bizarre Adventure: JOJOLands to start Serialization in 2023

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We’ve got a release date for Jojos Bizarre Adventure: JOJOLands, which will be part 9 of the long-running series. This program will start in Super Jump on February 17, 2023. The news appeared in the JOJO Magazine magazine for Winter 2022. Thanks, JoJo News!

Until now, we don’t know much about JOJOLands. In a interview with Araki at Lucca Comics & Game 2019 he said that he loves Italy and that the feeling is mutual. We set up Vento Aureo there. The fan asked me to set up the JoJos Bizarre Adventure on the other side. After a while, he stated that he could try. In March 2016, Araki expressed a deep interest in one-stellar-themed novel that either northern Europe nor Scottish Highlands.

The principal Jojo of JOJOLands will descend of Joestar. This Joseph is more incarnation of Joseph than the original in section 3 through 4. He discussed this in a book interview with Nedgea!

The game of JoJos Bizarre: Stone Ocean has recently been published on Netflix. This is Part 6 of the series, but the original timeline is already written. From steel ball run (Part 7) up to the alternate version of Joestars and Dio, the basic detail of the setting (the Stands) remains the same.

Jojos Bizarre: JOJOJOLands will begin serialization on February 17, 2023.


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