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Journalists already received copies of Starfield to be reviewed and told how many copies were being issued for review. The game’s first evaluation will be released

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As far as Starfield has been done, gamers who are interested in Bethesda Game Studios space game will have the chance to learn what western critics think about it.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks.

The embargo on the publication of Starfield review material will end on the 31 August at 19 in Moscow, as it has been reported in their microblogs.

In other words, the score of Starfield will arrive a few hours before it goes into Early Access for Premium buyers (September 1) and a week before the official release, scheduled for September 6.

The specialized press have already submitted their books for review and a very hurry to say they are playing Starfield now. Here’s what happens in the case of a young sage: Parris Lilly: Kinda funny.

Image source: X (Piarris)

Also today, the July 17th, the preloading of Starfield began on PC (Microsoft Store), Xbox series X and S (Steam users will have to wait until August 31st). The console is 126.1 o’clock.

The logical value of the Starfields system was realised after the June show Starfield Direct (and still are) that the game would take only 125 GB on PC. That’s about 15 GB less than the value of the final game.

Starfield is being created for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox X and S and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). In the recent Q&A session, the developers shared new information about the game.

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