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Just in Time for Halloween Frights, World of Horror 1.0 is released

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World of Horror has officially left early access with its 1.0 launch, accessible everywhere on PC; consoles need to follow soon.

Using Junji Ito and H.P Lovecraft, World of Horror is an animated film for the turn-based game where players venture to Shiokawa’s coastal city in turn this summer! All appears normal at first, until a series of events start to unfold; each becoming more and less sinister: all depicted in gorgeous yet gruerling visuals.

World of Horrors was previously in early access, and for over two years has seen several significant updates. The game, with today’s update finally reached its final point. It now is fully playable from start to finish and appears packed in full volume!

Now we’re eloquent about our world of happiness, but it has become an enormous achievement years into being built. My journey isn’t for quite long ago,” said Pawel Kozminski founder and founder at Panstasiac GmbH that will be very easy to manage with the aimless outcome… The path doesn’t end here, of course. I cannot wait to see which new mysteries hit Shiokawa through the PC modding community and how many miles of journeys are it taking.

This game contains 14 different playable characters, 20 cases to solve and an endless amount of replayability filled with new results. If you want something new and undoubtedly give up your nightmares, I recommend to play World of Horror. I enjoyed playing that back during rapid access, so you’ll definitely love the horrible imagery in this game.

World of Horror is officially available today on PC (25% off first release special) and in Japan for PlayStation 4|5 (via backward compatibility). A launch for North America and Europe will be announced next week, on October 26.

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