JV Fan Contest: NFT JVs have been distributed!


Published on the 21/12/2022 at 14:30 p.m.

Today will be the first page of the JV Fan Contest! I just made it clear, we opened all the chests in the morning, releasing the famous new Yorker Collection Tokens.

The first prize of the competition for the JV Fan Contest is coming.

Since October 3, the JV Fan Contest gave site contributors the opportunity to promote their participation in the multiple discussions spaces. After being caught in intensive farming in this fierce competition, the competition ended on December 1. So the participant earned his badge corresponding to the final rank of the competition automatically and his badge was instantly added to his profile.

Initially greyed out, the locked vault could be unlocked, by entering the wallet address in the Crypto wallet section (ERC20) in the account information. Because they unlocked their chest, the air drop never passes, and now they get to over.

There are the NFT jingles!

These first NFT JVs were distributed automatically in the morning. There are 10 variations in Genesis, ranging from the top to bottom.

Please remember that this NFT is an electronic property certificate that isn’t a token and generally linked with a digital collectible object. So, thanks to the blockchain (in this case Polygon), you will be the exclusive owner of a JV token. You can transfer, exchange, or sell your name through the secondary market. In addition, here’s the only link to the official collection of Opensea’s NFT JV (all the other one: A website for public safety) (including the official library).

The Pass of a JV Genesis Pass has been adopted.

We suggest you keep it safe for the next stage of the site-related journey. In concretely, these JV collection images in NFT will act as virtual keys to unlock the exclusive JV rewards in 2023.

Thanks for your participation. This first edition of the JV Fan Contest was just the beginning. Also, will you be able to come in the soon to visit other countries soon for future adventures.


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