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KallaX gives you a lot more reason to hate your friends September 18, 18th

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Unexpected Studios announced that their co-op furniture building game, KallaX, will be released on computer September 18, 2023.

I don’t know why prefabricated furniture instructions sometimes tell you to work with a partner, because building furniture together is one of the fastest way to force people to desperate ends. When we moved some years ago, my husband and I bought a lot of furniture from Ikea, and it’s amazing that they still had together. However, near the end of the helva, I was still standing with the media.

In some way, KallaX is trying to replicate that experience without problem in a co-op video game format. You play as spacemen who must work together to purchase parts and make furniture to ship. It’s one part overcooked and two other parts’ malicious intent. There is the whole experience, that is: instruction, construction, and violent urges.

I usually bring this kind of game to play with my parents and test their 40-year-old marriage. My father has become an expert in annoyance to my mother after all those years, and now it is not all that bad. The actual release isn’t PC-friendly, please. It’s a lot harder to get people on my computer monitor. However, even while I’m able to stream to my TV, I don’t need to worry about getting from my parents. Hopefully, there will be a console. But for now, KallaX will have an online co-op if you want to play with people with less than one charlie horse.

KallaX released on the September 18, 2023 issue.

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