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Katsuhiro Harada works on numerous projects

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Katsuhiro Haradahis producer of Bandai Namco, revealed that he was working on multiple projects simultaneously, namely Tekken 8the awaited new iteration of the fighting game saga.

Harada revealed that in an interview with the Japanese portal 4Gamer, where he asked what his ambitions and his good intentions were for 2023, and that he was a real-life entrepreneur.

He added that Tekken 8 is still still on hold and that development will take some time. That might suggest the launch won’t certainly happen next year. He said that he’s confident that the development team is doing their best and unfortunately he fears that the time being wasted is not enough for him to dedicate himself to all of the projects he has on his mind.

Tekken 8

Unfortunately, Harada has not shared any information regarding the many games he has been working on and who knows if we will know more in 2023, given that the priority is probably to finish the work on Bandai Namcos fighting game – which is easy to predict and has also received abundant post-launch support. If you didn’t do that, we suggest that you read our special with all the latest information on Tekken 8.

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