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KB5036979, KB5037768 right-click break for new teams, new Outlook on start, taskbar

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Towards the end of April, Microsoft released the preview update KB5036979 for Windows 10 22H2. As with most updates, there were known issues with this one as well. However, apart from those listed, Microsoft has also confirmed a new issue related to New Teams and New Outlook for Windows right-click. The same bug also affects Windows 10 21H2 since the May 2024 patch.

After installing the update, when a user right-clicks the New Teams or New Outlook icon on the Start menu or taskbar, the “Open with” dialog box opens instead of the corresponding context menu.

Here’s what a working right-click context menu should look like for Teams:

Microsoft, in the Windows health dashboard, writes:

After installing the Windows update released on April 23, 2024 (KB5036979) / May 14, 2024 (KB5037768) and updates released after that, some apps may display an “Open with” dialog asking “How do you want to open this file?”. You may encounter this problem when you hover your mouse over an app icon displayed in the taskbar or Start menu and right-click the app to perform a task in that app. As a result, you may see the “Open with” dialog box instead of the selected task execution.

This issue has been reported by Teams, Outlook for Windows users, and the new Snip & Sketch. This problem can also affect other applications that try to right-click its icon to find a context menu with a list of tasks.

The company also provided a solution to the problem and says A fix is ​​in progress for an upcoming update:

workaround: Although the Open With dialog prevents the use of the tasks available from the right-click context menu, it is likely that the same actions can be performed by making the application interface visible, and navigating through the application interface and menus.

The next steps: We are working on a solution and will provide an update in the next release.

in a separate technological community Blog postCorbin Meek, Senior Support Program Manager for Teams and Skype for Business at Microsoft, discussed the issue in more detail and provided a specific solution for Teams.

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