Keys Romance Adventure Narrow Switch Edition on the Way


Legendary romance gameKanon could enter the Nintendo Switch canon soon. The report from a scout from Ryokutya2089 suggests that the Key-developed adventure title will be on Switch in 2023, according to the facts said by Famitsu. Kanon might be in line to get some upgrades for the many years that have passed since it started in 1999.

According to the report, the Switch edition ofKanon will run at 720p HD. It can benefit from the switch’s better screen. One compromise is the fact that the games art is rendered in a single dimension ratio. This is because 16,9 screens (like Switchs) were much less common in 1999. To compensate, players can click the touch button and play the same. The game will also have full voice acting for the main cast, but the acting is partially a part of the player.

The film “Kanon” stars Yuichi Aizawa, a high-school student who comes to a life-time apartment in a city that he rarely remembers in his earliest days. Despite the hard work of his cousin’s cousin, he’s forgotten everything about the place. He is one day talking with Ayu Tsukimiya, a curious girl who loves Taiyaki, and makes strange noises. Immediately, he starts to reshape his memories of seven years ago, and to discover more about the city, its supernatural phenomena and his connection to five young women that he has left behind.

Kanon was released on PC in 1999 as a adult game, but was released in 2000 with the like in the console. With all-ages edition, the most recent Kanon re-release was carried out, and included a custom-made version of Dreamcast, PS2, PSP, mobile phones, Android, and iOS.

In previous years,Kanon has never received an officially sanctioned overseas release – foreign fans are often relying on unofficial translations in several languages. It was adapted to manga and anime in two ways, however. The series of 2006. The Japanese film “Historical Animation” made it overseas, and it was available in various regions for viewing on Crunchyroll.

Kanon arrives in Japan in the spring 2023.


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