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Killing Floor III from Tripwire Interactive will bring the zombie FPS series into the future

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Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive has just announced its next game, Killing Floor III, at Gamescom 2023. This is the latest entry in the team’s popular zombie-themed and co-op-supported first-person shooter series.

This time, the game takes place several decades in the future for a mix of horror and sci-fi shooter action. It will use Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 for its visuals. Tripwire states:

The year is 2091, 70 years after the events in Killing Floor 2, and megacorp Horzine has produced the ultimate army: an obedient horde of bio-engineered monstrosities called Zeds. Now, the only thing standing between these infernal creations and the future of humanity is the rebel rogue group known as Nightfall. This intense first-person shooter puts players in the role of a Nightfall specialist, joining forces with up to five teammates as they battle through a war-ravaged, dystopian future, surviving unrelenting waves of Zeds, unlocking new skills, and building the ultimate arsenal.

The announcement also comes with the first trailer for the game, but it’s age restricted and is only available to watch directly on YouTube. Needless to say, expect a lot of blood to be seen on screen.

Tripwire Interactive released the first Killing Floor game in 2009, with Killing Floor II following it up in 2015. Tripwire says a total of 28 million gamers have played the two games since the original launched.

Both games have also had a number of DLC packs along with a number of seasonal live events. It’s likely that Killing Floor III will have similar post-launch content updates.

The third game is coming to the PC, via Steam and Epic Games Store, along with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles. There’s no word on a release date yet but we will post a report when Tripwire reveals that information.

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