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Knights Of Veda shows new Characters & Settings

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Indie game developer HYBE IM released a new trailer for Astra: Knights Of Veda, giving us a better idea of what to expect. Video above, which is six minutes long, a much better look at the game than the one who got into Gamescom. This time, we get to see many of the characters and settings you will encounter as you play, as they define the world more and convey the story that’s happening around you. Play the video with the help of the player, as it looks like it’ll be out in 2024.

Credits: HYBE IM.

“Astra: Knights of Veda is a visually stunning, story-rich 2D RPG designed to attract and entertain players around the world. With many of these different genres, players can expect a new type of game that they haven’t encountered before. The combination of classic story, graphics, sound and gameplay promises an unforgettable experience.

  • A Dream Of The Dawn: Explore the story of an action-packed RPG that draws inspiration from old beat ’em ups. Engage in tactical warfare, experience a captivating story, learn valuable arts and discover fascinating characters.
  • Experiments in the Immersive Universe:This fully voiced-over experience boasts contributions from renowned voice actors, supported by an engaging collection of clips and a stunning illustration.
  • The epic Battle Against Monstrous Foes:Two giant, unmistakable rivals:confront dissent and undead enemies with a full-manual 2D combat system that promises excitement and challenge.
  • Strengthen yourself or join her as warriors. Form teams to gain access to immersive PvP experiences, or enter the battlefield to perform virtual PvP battles. You can also choose from cooperative and competitive games.
  • Discover and build hidden treasures. Discover the depths of the Nightmare, and test your mettle, or explore the expanse of Planis to find hidden treasures and improve the ability of your Knights of Veda.
  • Empower your dragons, save the world.Strengthen your Knights and equip them to defend against the ravages that threaten the world. Your journey is vital in times of crises.
  • Keep an eye on the world and see what will happen with you all this year.

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