Konami is still working on more “unannounced” Silent Hill games


Konami might’ve not been totally honest about all the Silent Hill games it cooks in the lab. According to a prominent leaker, the story of Silent Hill’s revival is much bigger with more games than initial expectations.

The fervent fans of Silent HIll probably are celebrating after hearing all this.

You can read some information, or swipe to listen.

Dusk Golem doesn’t need an introduction if you are a horror fan. The foremost source of online horror game news has led to some of the biggest horror games in the past, and he believes Capcom is trying to do a reboot like the Assassin’s original, but he wants to add a sequel to the 2nd Resident Evil remake. But before we start digging, this recent revelation is interesting for just a little bit.

At the event earlier this year, the event for Silent Hill Transmission revealed a handful of new games by third-party studios like Silent Hill Ascension, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, and the Silent Hill 2 remake, and the Return to Silent Hill, directed by Christopher Gans. If we believe the rumors, then at least four more are coming, and one of them will be developed and published by Konami, presumably with a few former members of Team Silent involved.

The best part about Silent Hill is that we have the diverse projects we’re all about to be involved.

The Silent Hill film is a very beautiful one. It hasn’t sold many copies since the first game began in the late 90s. But because Silent Hill is not at the top of the sales department, it also has an influence. In contrast to Capcom’s Resident Evil and other horror games of the time, the seminal survival horror franchise stood in contrast. In video game form, a psychotropic horror movie uses sounds, a sense of atmosphere and an atmosphere to create the most unique experience of history.

The first two games have a few of their most successful matches. Even Silent Hill is considered among the best horror titles of any kind.

So while non-fans may have hard time understanding Silent Hill, those within the community will gladly know Konami values it enough to push for revival.

The Silent Hill games will feel like the same game as the previous ones.

We’re still hoping that the remake of the original Silent Hill puzzle is included in Konami’s plans.

In terms of survival horror, two big remakes will be coming next year with Dead Space and Resident Evil four coming out on January 27 and March 24 respectively.


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