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Laika: Aged Through Blood Runs on PC Today, Revving Up the Action

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In a world where the wastelands are teering with imperial Corvids and other bird-folk, there’ll be one fearless coyorten who can rev their engines to head them on. Today, team Brainwash Gang and Headup has released the action-packed ride “Laika: Aged Through Blood” for PC gamers. It’s a Motorvanian, which will lift the excitement and bring into place the best of Metroidpole with an innovative motorized twist.

In the adrenaline-pumping game, you’ll be in love with a vengeance-seeking mother coyote. Her mission is to turn the war-torn landscape around her trusty motorcycle by rescuing friends, forging enemies and protecting their families’ own interests. The game is more interesting than the one that gets caught in the eye. It doesn’t only serve a show they unlock special abilities, it also offers cool motorcycle tricks for me to watch this movie. Perform a push to pull, or an unloadable push immediately where enemy shots came from!

To mark the great release, we have an electrifying launch trailer for Laika: Aged Through Blood ready to watch and enjoy.

Revision your vehicles and transform into a Postapokalyptic motorvanian.

It’ll be great if you join the world that is known as the first motorway of the world. Developed by Brainwash Gang, Laika: Aged Through Blood has inspired the epic tale of an infant in his coyote warrior driven to justice for her oppressive tribe. With high-speed vehicular combat, heartbeating boss battles and skills based power up machines Laika promises the ultimate three wheeled action adventure!

  • Work a fast, agile road trip.
  • Enjoy the beauty of a postapokalyptic painting.
  • Don’t miss out on a story of relationship between mother and child.
  • Take epic boss battles and take on multiple challenges.

In Laika: Aged Through Blood, it is not just about stopping; it’s about lifelong adventure with jaw-dropping jump and slow kill enemy snappers. You can even recharge your weapon from the rifle’ll be reloading over its head after deceiving bodyland against heart! Learn all of your skill-based power and take off the mighty bosses while you navigate this treacherous path.

So gear up, throttle down and prepare for a wild journey through the motorvanie like no other. Laika: Aged Through Blood is here to make your gaming experience completely unforgettable. Don’t miss this fun ride of your lifetime!

PC, Xbox One; iPod touch.

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