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Larian forced to give birth to the upcoming Baldurs Gate 3 patch after players mass report crashes

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Fortunately for the second time, Baldurs Gate received the fourth hotfix with its purpose to solve the problems of the RPG. But the update has actually had a whole opposite effect and has since been rolled back.

The fourth BG3 hotfix was pulled quickly today after causing a nasty bug for some players, Larian Studios admitted on Aug 16. More importantly, unlucky gamers who created new saves after this update won’t republish their saves either.

This new patch has corrected all of the issues, such as the infamous saving bug that’s troubling players since its launch. As a blood sacrifice, overcoming this issue led to gamers falling upon the edge of the new crashing.

For now we have rolled Hotfix 4 a lot, because of an accident. The re-release as soon as we have re-released the cause.If you have saved since updating, you can’t load these saves until we’ve re-published Hotfix 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Larian Studios, August 16 2023, 2000.

As far as you might expect, this has made up the hype that the Baldurs Gate was consumed by the Internet these last week.

The hardcore player has entered this category only once the hotfix was pulled, so those who haven’t yet logged out have been able to continue their savesthought.

For most players, its time to wait for hotfix four to be rolled out in a version with no other problems.

Larian hasn’t yet shared any official timeframe on this front.

In the interim, the BG3 servers were reverted to Hotfix Three and no saves were found until the Hotfix Four Rollout started.

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