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Lastly, are the covers of Spider-Man 2 sold-out? DBrand does a lot of work

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The limited edition ESP5 covers, inspired by Spider-Man 2 quickly ran out and many fans of the spider were very hot and dry and consequently led to the scarletti – which immediately made it much harder for their customers to buy other units at very lower prices.

To exploit Sony’s production shortcomings, even the irreverent jokers of Dbrand, who have not yet teased either the Japanese giant or the Japanese giant, have failed. This company, which is dedicated to producing protections, skins and cases for the most disparate technological devices, has just presented arachnoplates, new cover for PS5 in Limited Edition. While the name Marvels Spider-Man 2 appears nowhere, it is obvious that it was the inspiration.

Even the description of the product is clear: the popular [SOC/Oregon] producer of the [CONSOLE DA GIOCO] has failed to produce enough covers for their [sOC/Oregon]. Thank you for his lack. More clear than that.

Arachnolplates for PlayStation 5 can now be pre-ordered on Dbrand website for a cost of 64,98 $, or to the 89,88 $ mark by adding a central cover and red illumination. Shipments are planned for October 30th. For Italy, free shipping with DHL is also available in fourteen working days (events include customs, as well as some extra taxes).

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