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Later this year, Stellaris: Astral Plane will offer alternative dimensions

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Paradox Interactive announced the next Stellaris expansion: Astral Plane. The new expansive, narrative-based expansion would allow players to exploit technology as a source of real truth for alternate parts. In these parallel universes, players will be able to see new creatures and phenomena as they journey into the real unknown. Astral Planes didn’t give any specific date but the release said that it was going to be on PC later this year.

The story-centric expansion will see branching narratives, a first for Stellari. Players can navigate a branching narrative designed to make choices matter. According to Paradox, Astral Planes will be full of surprises and difficult choices. Decisions won’t only affect the narrative, but also force an even more complicated and a little game-building into their playstyle.

Astral Planes will have new technologies, action and Relic. This is a pretty good addition for this type of expansion program! There’s also emerged that there is a new origin called Riftworld.

Stellaris is my favourite game of Grand Strategy. I really like the new content a lot more than anything else that has an interest in me at all times and therefore, looks good to me! Depending on how the Astral Planes work, this could add more content to the 4X title in that future.

Stellaris: Astral Plane will be released on PC later this year.

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