Latest update by nassi’s on Cultics adds a custom Difficulty Mode


The Retro FPS Cultic features a new difficulty level which can be used with different modifications.

The spiritual successor to the original Blood is not as challenging as it is. If you work hard, you can throw on hooded cults, skeletons and more, with machines, dynamite and whatever you can. It’s very fun, especially if you remember the original monoliths.

Now, Cultic or Cultic: Episode 1 gives its full title lets you define exactly how challenging your game is. It may sound like it’s an epic cakewalk, but where is it, yes? Make the epoch.

There are many different settings on your computer: enemy speed, boss health, how many health points you should start with, and many more. This is truly a disgrace to try it. You can only kill enemies with headshots. As big zombie movie fans, were curious to see how it switches things up when foes can shrug things off just a gun.

If you haven’t tackled Cultic: Episode 1, it’s out now on PC, priced at 8,99. You can buy it in the Steam Shop or a demo if you want to get a taste of this retro-inspired bloodbath.

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