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Leak: Became known all the achievements of the space RPG Starfield

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Tom Henderson, noted insider of the space RPG Starfield, has revealed a few achievements.

On the total figure figure is 50 achievements. Some of them might be spoilers for the game. For example, what factions you could join and when quests belong. It became known that the main character reached level 100, build relations with her companions, hack computers and digital locks, modify weapons and ships, and craft different items.

Starfield is now available pre-download from the Microsoft Store, including for GamePass subscribers. The release is scheduled for September 6 to 2023 for the standard edition. The premium editions will be available from September 1 to September 2.

Starfield achievements all are listed.

The Star’s Star, One Small Step Join the Stars, with the Stars One Small Step Join the BroomsAtmos and the City City of the East, the Moon and the Moon Watch! MissionsINdustrialist assemble 500 total resources from OutpostsJacked In Access 50 ComputersLife Begate Life Gather 500 organic resourcesReplicator Craft 100 itemsRock Collection Gather 500 Inorganic resourcesReplicator of Fortune Mod 50 WeaponsThirst for Knowledge Read 20 Skill MagazinesWar of Angels Collect 20 Quantum Essence The Family you Select Recruit 10 Separate Companions Starcrossed Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companions / Success and Gain Master / Success

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