Legend of Zelda: Tales of the Kingdom Could be Nintendos Final Major Release for Switch Rumour


Nintendo doesn’t have a lot of big first party releases planned for 2023 so far, but since the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arriving out soon, there’s still a lot of excitement in the Switch userbase. While it sounds like it may be the last major game that Nintendo releases a bit later, and the last game that he releases on Switch, period.

Recently, the journalists Christopher Dring (department of Games and the executive), Andy Robinson (despartment of VGC) posted their opinion on Twitter and said that, because of what they heard, Nintendo didn’t have a big new release planned for the Switch afterZeldafor quite a while. Interestingly, Robinson suggested that this could be due to a shift in the external direction of the Switchs successor, with the possibility that Nintendo will talk about new hardware by 2024.

Even though the Kingdom is the only first-party game that Nintendos was able to sell for the Nintendo Switch, with the like of the Vikmin 4andKirbys returning to Dream Land Deluxe currently in the works. But it is worth noting that the Japanese giant doesn’t have anything announced that would be in the same level as a new Zeldagame.

In fact, reports suggest that the company is working on its next major hardware release. He kept his raw materials up, revealing he was planning large-scale production plans, while recent references to new hardware were spotted in Nvidia-related leaks.

The Legend of Zanzelda: Tears of the Kingdom, later on, is due for the Switch on the 12th of May. Recently, a downloadable downloadable OLED model has been shown. Read more about this here.

No, I didn’t mean literally anything. I heard that after Zelda, Nintendo doesn’t have a substantial game for quite some time now.

Christopher Dring (@Chris Dring) November 17, 2022

From what I’m hearing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo introduced new hardware to 2024. It was disappointing at first-party games, so I’m not convinced that another important one that could be played over Zelda is left on Switch (useual Nintendo predictions are applicable) https://t.co/96CSoLd0Dn.

Andy Robinson (@AndyPlaytonic) December 29, 2022


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