LEGO Blacktron Cruiser (40580) Review


LEGO is kicking 2023 off with a bang with a gift with purchase set that will drop in the next year and the Blacktron Cruiser (40580) and the Blacktron Cruiser (40580). This is the second Space Classic set that was updated with new parts and build techniques and the first was the Galaxy Explorer (10497). The Blacktron Cruiser has 356 pieces, and you can make a purchase of $90/190/70 from January 14th to January 14, while supplies last.


The black suit astronaut returns for this set, which includes the black visor. The front of the torso had a air tank tube printing, but on the back there is something new and it has it also printing. This set looks like a modern, updated look.


The small robot looks so similar to its predecessor, but some new parts are on it.

The Blacktron cruiser, based on the Invader series, is a modernised version from 1987. The difference here is that the yellow windshield is now much longer. The ship looks much larger than before. This also allows the area to collect the metal detector and the minifigure. With the canon and the side wings, it’s easier to wear the windshield and look more like the canons. The wings are mounted on hinges so that you can have any open or closed doors.

The middle portion of the ship is a cargo area and the flaps can open up to the inside. You can store the box with two black ingots here. In the side of the table, blacktron stands the stickers on the logo.

The back of the ship has red rear fins in transparent red. The bricks of the original had been replaced with more wedge plate and sloped grills so they have more modern style. Here, also there is another sticker here.

If you have not known LEGO Blacktron, they can offer a single feature. There are several parts of the ship that can be rescued and rearranged to suit your needs. The shorter ship below doesn’t look too bad.


The LEGO Blacktron Cruiser (40580) is the updated version of the Invader with all the modernized parts and looks. The original set includes the play. I would have liked the stickers to be printed parts, but we cannot have it. Even though they are from different parts, it is quite important to keep them out.

For you to get the extra – between 180 and 180 dollars, but the whole lot of new sets are still in the theater. The LEGO Shop is launching on January 1st – so it will be much more easy to get. If LEGO didn’t produce a ton of this set, I could see it from the start of February.

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