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LEGO BrickHeadz Tusken Raider (40615) Review

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LEGO LEGO BrickHeadz set coming in 2023 is the LEGO Star Wars Tusken Raider (40615). The sest has 152 pieces. It’ll come in a retail price of almost nine dollars on January 1st.

The boxes have three unnumbered bags, a 66 baseplate, and the instructions. The character BrickHeadz is pretty standard.

The construction starts by the Tusken Raider torso and surprisingly it has not all the details on it, including 6 printed tiles in the pouches. Below its face on the front is a rebreather which traps moisture, giving them a boost to the breath.

Almost over the head, there’s some dark tan wrap that goes around it with some curved bricks that give it a definition. The face is very simple. In addition to the tube and the mask, the rebreather cover the mouth.

The sides are a bit dull as you have some tan pieces on the hands. He can hold either hand a brick-made gaffi stick.

The back of the house is slightly more detailed with a belt and a spot of a rifle’s holding.

The LEGO BrickHeadz’s (40615) Raider is a decent model overall. I can imagine building one hundred of them and changing them to look different.

Thank you for sending me this set for my review. The picture above represents a company and not me. Review sets sent in won’t guarantee a positive review.


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