LEGO City Stuntz March 2023 Sets Revealed Revealed


LEGO has announced four new LEGO City Stuntz sets scheduled to be released in March 2023. These are some small to medium sets that add more stunts to the lineup. Most of the sets aren’t listed yet in the North American LEGO store, so we don’t have the exact price for them.

Stunt Truck andamp; Ring of Fire Challenge (60357) 479 pieces/$59.99.

Bring this show to town with the LEGO City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge (60357). This action-toy – ages 6+ includes a cool truck with fiery exhausts and a flat-bed trailer with a drop-down launch ramp and 3 adjustable rings of fire. Just add a flywheel-powered motogay, two Stuntz driver minifigures for hours of action-packed play.

Printed and digital building guides. Includes an example of a building and LEGO Builder app, a digital companion with easy moves and a drag-and-drop tool that allows kids to create models from all angles he builds.

I like toys for kids. LEGO City toys are the key to play role-playing and engaging children. Combine this playset with others from LEGO City Stuntz range for more stunt action.

Nonstop stunt action Set the scene for action-packed shows and competitions with this toy game set the LEGO City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge (60357). What is in the box? All kids must build a truck with fiery exhaust stacks, a flywheel-powered stunt bike and a stunt show trailer with 3 rings of fire apiece, a driver and 2 stunt rider minifigures.

Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge 60359) 144 pieces.

Hours of fantastic stunt displays and competitions await the LEGO City Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (60359) playset. The kids are standing in vertical or horizontal position and posing the stunt bikes, and launching out of the ramp to perform action-packed stunts. The set includes a LEGO City Stuntz rider.

Kids aged 5 and above are playing with toys. This LEGO City Stuntz playset comes with a built-in guide and a digital guide that can withstand all the pressures of your child’s imagination.

Kids have been the mainstays of this show! Lego City playsets put children at the heart of the action, with realistic vehicles, feature-rich structures and animated characters for fun role play. Combine this set with other LEGO City Stuntz characters for even more stunt-show extravaganzas.

Real stunt action for kids Set the scene for action-packed stunt shows and competitions with the LEGO City Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (6359) toy playset Set the scene for toys and events. What’s the box? This toy building set includes a shack called Stuntz with vertical or horizontal settings, a launch ramp, a flightwheel-powered stunt motorcycle and a rider minifigure.

Spinning Stunt Challenge (60360) 117 pieces.

Kids aged six+ can turn up exciting shows, games and competitions with this toy playset LEGO City Spinning Stunt Challenge (60360), which features a spinnable double jump ring, two ramps and two flywheel-powered stunt bikes. Just add the two LEGO City Stuntz motorcycle riders and let the fun begin.

A digital guide, with interactive slides, will make building fun. There is a photoshoot guide and LEGO Builder, a digital mentor with intuitive zoom and rotation tools that allow children to quickly visualize models from all angles of their projects.

The kids have some cool toys. LEGO City playsets give kids a hit with realistic vehicles, feature-rich structures and fun characters that inspire imaginative, open-ended role-playing. Combine this set with those from the LEGO City Stuntz range for bigger shows and competitions.

Stunt action for children aged 6 and up Set a theme for fun displays and competitions with this toy building built for independent play and group play. What’s the box in? This ring has two jump ramps, two flywheel-powered stunt motorcycles and two rider minifigures.

Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361) 385 pieces/$99.99

Hours of action-packed fun await with the LEGO City Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361). This double-feature 7+ has 2 toy stunt bikes and 3 canoeing stunt apparatus, including a 360 loop, a fire ring, and a fun alien tower challenge. Children can test their skill, stage epic shows and compete with friends and family to win the trophy.

The improv art of building gets played. This LEGO City Stuntz is a printed building guide and an interactive builder app for smartphones and tablets. The design allows children to read the model from all angles as they build.

LEGO City is a creative world. Lego City built toy playsets put children at the centre of the action with cool vehicles, feature-rich structures and a realistic role-playing character. Combine this set with LEGO City Stuntz for bigger stunt-show extravaganzas.

The LEGO City Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361) for kids aged three and seven? What else is in the box? An escape-fun challenge in this toy playset includes a 360 loop, ring of fire, vertical climb, two jump ramps, 2 toy-strength bikes and two rider minifigures.


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