Legos 2023 Marios sets feature lesser-known characters


We’ve seen a collection of Mario-themed models in the past, but they’ve always focused on the franchise’s pivotal characters.

Now, Legos 2023 sets of Mario introduced some lesser known characters from the franchise, such as Fliprus, baby Penguins, the Koopaling Wendy and more.

There were seven new sets in total ranging from $7,99 to 84,99. Check them below.

  • Character Packs of 6: $7.99.
  • Conkdors Noggin Bopper Expansion Set: $9.99.
  • Ice Mario case and Frosted World Expansion Set: $34.99.
  • Two and a half dollars, the big wave at Lava: 474,99.
  • Peachs Garden Balloon Ride Expansion Set: 64,99 dollars.
  • Creativity toolbox: $79.99.
  • Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion Set: 84,99 dollars.

The Mario franchise will be able to get the treat in 2023. Super Mario Bros.: Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogen is set to hit North American theatres on April 7th 2023.

Check out the second trailer here of the films!

Get your copy of the cartoon, or an image of the movie maker.

Source: LEGO.


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