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Lenovo Legion Go Console AR, specs, date of release and many other images

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The handheld console Legion Go, Lenovo’s killer Steam Deck, should arrive in the last quarter of 2023. This information and other, as well as many renderings of a gaming console on Windows 11, were shared by the Windows Report website. There is preliminary knowledge that Lenovo Legion Go will be presented at the IFA in 2023. But the main thing is that the camera glasses come in the package.

Lenovo’s new AR glasses have an impressive display.

Sources say Lenovo is preparing to launch an entire gaming ecosystem with Legion Go. Goggles of the Legion of Arms, specifically designed for gaming. Since it was no surprise that for that headset, Lenovo has developed the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses to get credit. As always, the Lenovo Legion AR will be shown at the IFA 2023.

The Legion AR goggles are based on the images that enable long gaming sessions. They’re equipped with a USB cable, so that the device will likely receive a bit of power indicating that there isn’t an extra-wattage. It is not known if the Legion AR is going to ship as a standalone unit.


Lenovo Legion Go combines the basic features of Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally and Nintendo Switch. That console is like an 8-feat display with an average ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. In these pictures, the screenbezels seem much larger than their counterparts.

Governing bodies

This device is capable of making hall effect joysticks. The front panel also includes the keypad and the keys ABXY, allowing you to select the menu and view buttons, Legion L and Legion R, and a trackpad like the Steam Deck Valve. Each joy-con has a release button on the front, two rear triggers and the classic LT/LB and RT/RB. An interesting detail is the mouse-like wheel on the back of the right joystick.

Body construction

One can take a shot of the rag. This means that it’s safe to hold the console in your hands during long gaming sessions. There can also be an area on the surface, like a stand that is built in.

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The Lenovo Legion Go console will be powered by the AMD Phoenix Ryzen Z1 processor specifically designed for portable Windows-based devices. This confirms that the console will ship with Windows 11. The availability of a Thunderbolt port, a MicroSD card reader and a 3,5-mm combo audio jack is tentatively known.

Refrigerating and autonomie.

Since it is derived from the sources and images, Legion Gos battery life can be very good. The dimensions of this device indicate a good battery capacity. The bottom of the rear seems engineered for cooling and airflow management, but the bottom half is likely to be hiden into large batteries.

The Lenovo Legion Go case has a rear exhaust and air outlet. The console is equipped with a single fan. Since he’s showing the image, he’s trying to catch the sound of the console.

It can’t be gathered even though it’s a mere question for the price of the console, if the presentation is not enough.


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