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Level 29 for the MW3 Beta Stats Email appears to be misinterpreted as 30 instead of 29

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Call of Duty is emailing the players who participated in a Beta to show their stats.

Nevertheless, these stats may not be showing correctly as many players reported that the email says they only reached level 29 during Beta when she actually achieved levels 30.

Here’s what the hell does this turn out and if you still receive Tester Operator skin when full game starts:

Table of contents.

  • How to look through MW3 Beta Stats?
  • Why does My MW3 Beta Stats Email Say I only reached Level 29?
    • Will I receive a tester’s skin level 30 Reward for it?

How to get the MW3 Beta Statistics on your computer.

To find the stats of the Modern Warfare 3 Open Beta, log in to the mailing account relating with your Activision account. You should’ve received an email from callofduty@commobnet and show that his statistics are set up on their original statussheet at The Time of War 1.

The scala shows the following:

  • Level accessed (may seem to show falsely)
  • Hours Played
  • Matches Played
  • Eliminations
  • Wins

It’s only showing 29 pic.twitter e3OG1h5ECj, but I reached level 30; that has just been shown on the site of my friend.

Champers (@xXChampers) October 19:20 2023

Why did my MW3-Bats tell me that I only reached level 29?

If your email says that you’ve just reached level 29 when the MW3 beta is effective, don’t worry as this does appear to be simply an error.

The email is displaying correctly as level 30 for some players, although it can appear the most accurate standard of all time. Several players also reported that they showed level 19 when they actually reached levels 20.

Redditor Paulie_Dev believes this is an array parsing issue, causing the emails to show less level than intended.

Is there any other option for my professional?

Yes, if you were indeed level 30 in the Beta but your email is incorrectly displayed lower then this will help you get all rewards at launch for reaching maximum rank before going to levels 30.

This error happened last year, the MW2 beta stats still being used and players haven’t even received any rewards.

We’ll update this article if Activision or Sledgehammer give official words on the topic.

@ATVIAsnist my email to the MW3 beta says that I only reached level 29 when 90% of all participants reached point 30. I used level 30 to test. Will I still receive all my rewards?

Schmooe EMT (@Schmokoa) September 19, 2023.

Here are the rewards of the MW3 Beta. All rewards you receive at the launch of November 10 should be based on any level as yours, and not whatever that email shows.

  • Incomparable, WhetAnimated Emblem:Level 2–2.
  • Starz – Battle of The Dead.
  • The Beta-TesterAnimated Calling Card / Level 9: Advanced tests must pass at level 9 to be completed.
  • MWIII Sticker for BetaWeapon: Level 11!
  • Has The BetaVinyl mastered?
  • Beta Blueprint:Level 20!
  • Test-Weapon Sticker: Level 24!
  • The tester’s skin is a good one.

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