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Level 6 of Nexons MapleStory Fest introduce New Age and Sixth Job Skills

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Nexon went full with its sixth annual MapleStory Fest, which took place on October 14th 2023. This year, with a sell-out event carrying over 600 guests at stake. It was a full-on and detailed Q&A program, with many more special offers for quest logexclusive.

Wonki Kang, executive director of MapleStory among the VIPs in that area. His surprise appearance is the ultimate plot twist for this event. He hosted an exclusive conversation with journalists and discussed his most important issues in MapleWorldNew Age update, how to take the sixth Job on hold.

Wonki Kangs insights were more than just patch notes. He started on how the New Age Update was a changeable game, and with the intent to continue adding MapleStory as global IP. The dev team AFK has been working behind the scenes to add more space in each other.

Maplers, A.K a franchise’d biggest fans are in front of their gaming chairs! Nexon is seeking to give the heroes an unrivalled treatment with the new Age update. This isn’t just an XP boost. It was made out of new mechanics, and it looked like the time to redefine MapleStory’d many jobs in its own way now

Wonki Kang didn’t just leave it at that. He acknowledged the Global MapleStory community for their long-standing support. We’ve focused our attention on the Sixth Job Advancement and sixtjob skills. New areas, higher levels of bosses and reworking systems are expected according to Kang. The MapleStory IP is not only in-game, et on Nexon has ambitious plans to expand into cultural avenues.

Attendeels did not just level their game knowledge, they also bagged some serious swag. Every guest received a bucket, and even though it is on site every morning to express their love. The discussion included presentations, MapleStory trivia and unique games.

Who was the highlight of this event? This would be the Battle Run of Maplestory M 2v2 and Wildland’ll Play. These weren’t your running-of a century side quests; they were fanfamous activities that kept the hype on our ceiling in high heat.

The final boss of epic moments had to be the world premiere. The community went full. From Kanna to Hayátos sixth Job skills animation, the show was presented in a wide variety of locations across the country and beyond! The endgame loot arose from the announcement that Maplestory’-Stoll new character Adele, who will be making her debut this winter. The cheers from the community hit volume, resulting in an excellent performance for MapleStory.

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