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LG and Samsung announced the reciprocity between control and large appliances

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The most important aspect of smart home technology is compatibility. The developer of the Matter standard, which was supported by Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, tried to solve this problem. But for small appliances, a new solution is needed, which was proposed by the Home Connectivity Alliance.

When the HCA coalition was formed at the end of 2021, Samsung was one of the founders and the second largest company to take over the project. The Matter protocol was developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), which gives the community a local access with an optional feature that could enable cloud connectivity. As for home appliances, a different strategy was chosen. Samsung said that although the company announced support for Matter, it’s important to support a unified system and all the equipment consumers have already purchased in their houses. In the most obvious way of solving the problem was cloud infrastructure, so HCA decided to join the CSA and abandon Matter in its current form: big household appliances connect via Wi-Fi, which means they work through the cloud so the new standard lets you interact with cloud resources.

The new HCA specification was released in January 2023, and only now are Samsung and LG announced joint support for this. In the second quarter, the Korean giant will present its implementation to Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA, Turkey and France. During 2014 the list of participants will expand. The Turkish Vestel joined the Samsung and LG brand, but now many more high-profile brands are missing from the alliance: German Bosch and Thermador, as well as the American Whirlpool.

I am introducing HCA to that for large appliances of all kinds in the house – washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, televisions, heating, air conditioning, and heating systems, all of which can be controlled with one application, such as work notification. True, initial setups are still needed through the manufacturers application. The HCA 2.0 specifications are expected to provide advanced power management and support for electric vehicle chargers.

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