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LG Signature OLED M: the world’s first wireless OLED TV will be announced soon

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LG announced its first OLED telemetry unit to the world with LG Signature OLEDMto specify the specific model named LG OLED 97M3, but in particular a very interesting situation about some technological developments.

It will be possible in South Korea starting today, but it will arrive in Europe and North America later this year. This is a very nice product, with a high quality appearance and performance that are very expensive.

The 97″ wide display is actually the most popular OLED panel on the market and features a diagonal of 245 cm. However, the technology that allows a cable-free connection is particularly interesting.

Just as the Zero Connect solution is the world’s first wireless solution capable of recording video and audio in 4K at 120 Hz, it is a separate device that delivers the audio signals into the screen by means of wireless means, so that you can position the screen anywhere without the need to study the connection with the cables except for the power supply.

The Zero Connect case supports all of the typical connections of the TV, such as HDMI, 2.1, USB, and LAN, and RF and Bluetooth, thus making the TV completely wireless in terms of connection.

Exclusive, but will come in other cuts.

LG Signature OLED M.

Audio and video signal transmission. It is a proprietary technology capable of sending vast amounts of data faster than the current Wi-Fi 6E standard. Thanks to that, the LG OLED 97M3 can support a lot of signals like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos without a scrubbing.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED M Display has a very lightweight design, capable of being able to quickly connect to the wall without huge size.

The OLED series is very competitive in the LG brand.

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