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LG UltraGear 27GR95QL: a OLED monitor dedicated to League of Legends fans

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Are you avid fans of The Legends and want a killer monitor? The LG UltraGear 27GR95QL will probably be the monitor for you. It’s an special edition of the same name’s OLED, designed with a LOL theme.

So let’s see what the characteristics of this model are, which naturally remain identical even with the non-customized version.

This monitor is an OLED-powered gaming monitor. This display has a diagonal of 27 pixels, a resolution quad HD of 25601440 pixels, can be upgraded up to 240Hz, compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, twice as much as OLED TVs. By contrast to Gray to Gray response times of 0.03msbecomes the ideal choice for most competitive gamers. It has a antireflective finish, too.

The color space 98.5% and the color space 83.5% of the DCI-P3 range, which makes it suitable for all who don’t want to have that as a game or even to play and for use in 2D/3D graphics, photography and video editing.

Display Port 1.4 is supporting the latest generation connectivity with a dual HDMI 2.1 port to take advantage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This feature can be seen on the back of the due port USB 3.0, and one below headphone output can be supported by DTX Headphone:X technologyfor the highest spatial soundness.

The LTL-Version II, a limited edition edition, will be available with a wide range of Customizations created to help bring the Legends to life, created by Riot Games. The designers focused around the golden Hextech style presented on the upright and on the entire back of the monitor. The backlighting model of the latest LG UltraGear models are included in the RGB LED.

The osmos model enthralled in the League of Legends, however it’s not limited to this monitor. In fact, LG has also developed a custom interface that recalls the same style of the games menu as the Riot Games.

OLED, this gaming monitor will be available in the near future in Italy and so it can only be found on the official website at that address. For those who are pre-ordering there will be a free skin pack, which includes: Project VI, Caitlyn Luna Candida and Jayce Shining Hammer.

Source: LG.

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