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LibreOffice 7.6.1 Community is available for download; That’s what’s new

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Paul Hill


Sep 14, 2023 11:22 am EDT

The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the availability of LibreOffice 7.6.1 to the community. This is the first point release for the LibreOffice 7.6 series which was first released at the end of August. LibreOffice’s community edition is suitable for most users, but TDF has an enterprise tier for large organizations that want “value-added features and other benefits such as SLAs.”

This latest update brings improvements to Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw as well as general updates. Some highlights include support for zoom gestures when using touchpads on the main display, support for document themes and import and export of theme settings for ODF and OOXML, and improvements in font handling, especially for right-to-left scripts and Asian characters.

The full list of improvements in this update is as follows:


  • Support for zoom gestures when using touchpads on the main display.
  • Support for document themes, and import and export of theme settings for ODF and OOXML documents.
  • Many improvements to font handling, especially for right-to-left scripts, CJK and other Asian characters.


  • New page number wizard in the insert menu, to easily add the page number in the header/footer in one step.
  • The Paragraph Style drop-down menu on the Formatting toolbar displays a list of styles used in the document, rather than the full list of available styles.
  • Figure tables can be created more flexibly based on paragraph styles, rather than just categories or object names.
  • Bibliography entries can be edited directly from a bibliography table, and a bibliography hyperlinks by default to the corresponding row in the bibliography table.
  • Highlighting for used paragraph and character styles and direct formatting in text.
  • Phrase checking: Hunspell multi-word dictionary items and custom dictionaries are now accepted.


  • Number format: “?” Now supported when exporting to ODF to represent a whole number, replaced by a blank if it is a non-significant zero, and by decimals for untrimmed second formats like [SS].00 are now being accepted.
  • Spreadsheets copied to another document now retain a user-defined print range.
  • Solver settings are saved with documents, and page styles are exported even if they are not in use.
  • Support for drawing styles for shapes and notes, including a dedicated note style that allows you to customize the default appearance and text formatting of new notes.
  • New compact layout for pivot tables.
  • Support for an automatic filter to sort by color. Filter/sort by color refers to colors set by number format.
  • The text import dialog (as a CSV file or plain text) includes a new option not to recognize a number in scientific notation (only if “Recognize special numbers” is off).

Impress and draw

  • New navigation pane for switching slides while viewing a presentation (the option is enabled by checking a checkbox in the slideshow settings).
  • Objects can now be listed from front to back in the Navigator, with the topmost object at the top of the list.
  • Free text annotation support for PDFium imports, plus ink, free text and polygon/polico annotation support for PDFium exports.
  • Changed the text auto-scaling algorithm to work similarly to MS Office. Text Scaling now separates scaling for space (paragraph and line) and scale fonts, where the space scale can be 100%, 90%, and 80%, and the font scale is rounded to the nearest point size. The horizontal spacing (balls, inputs) is no longer increased.
  • Several font management improvements for CJK and Arabic languages.

According to the announcement, LibreOffice 7.6.1 Community readily available For Windows 7 SP1 or later and macOS 10.15 or later. Of course, it’s also available on Linux but different Linux distributions will ship a specific version of the office suite and it’s usually better to use the supplied version as it may contain customizations to the theme and so on.

source: LibreOffice

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