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Live Starfield update with new maps, Xbox graphics options and ship interior customization

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Bethesda announced in early May that the biggest update to date Starfield Preparation is underway. Now, after several weeks in beta via Steam, the studio is releasing update 1.11.36 for the sci-fi RPG on all PC and Xbox platforms. As previously announced, this update brings significant changes to the game along with numerous bug fixes.

Easily the biggest change Bethesda has made is the inclusion of brand new terrain maps. The revamped system features detailed cities and areas that can be explored when players upload local maps. It also includes markers for points of interest, vendor locations that enable fast travel, ship landing locations, and much more.

Speaking of ships, Bethesda has brought the customization aspects of base building into the interior of the ship with this update. The interior of spaceships can now be torn apart and assembled in any style players require. Other gameplay changes include additional options for adjusting difficulty, New Game Plus options for changing the character’s appearance and attributes, and even replacing the removable chat cam.

Bethesda also gave Xbox Series X players more control over how their game looks and performs. You can now set a frame rate target of 30, 40, 60 or no cap on prioritizing “Visual” and “Performance” modes. The options utilize dynamic resolution and “special effects, lighting, and crowd” details to maintain desired frame rates. Vsync can also be turned on and off by console players.

A huge number of bug fixes focusing on gameplay departments, graphics, outposts and missions landed with the update. Find the full patch notes for Starfield 1.11.36 update here.

Following May’s update, Bethesda teased that it was working on a ground vehicle for “faster planetary exploration,” which would land with a future free update. The studio is also working on expanding Shattered Space’s story as well as official mod support for the sci-fi RPG, though no release windows for upcoming content or features have been given yet.

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