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LoL devs are working on the most requested Briar feature

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It has only been a week since Briar, a Gorillaz-inspired and always-hungry jungler, launched on live League of Legends servers. Her release was a rollercoaster ride, with the champion having the best win rate and becoming beyond broken and now getting her first quality-of-life update.

According to August River, the world’s leading designer and the man behind the characters, Belveth, Zeri and Jinx, his latest creation Briar will soon get a frenzy bar.

Y’all kept asking for it. Briar is getting a frenzy bar. pic.twitter.com/uslaCOF5ul.

August (@RiotAugust) September 19:2023.

The frenzy bar will activate once Briar uses the Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack ability, which can be seen beneath her health bar. Currently only players using Briar can see how long Berserking will last on their interface, and this will help with this change, so they will even understand how long this effect will last.

In the current summer of 2018, we didn’t know what date of release of this quality-of-life change, but it was safe to assume it’ll come with the next patch, Patch 13.19, besides its small feature and its already quite noticeable and ready for shipment.

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In Riot, there are plenty of champions like Tryndamere and Olaf that can use the same clarity in a game. All Tyndameres and Olafs ultimate abilities don’t have an indicator of how long they last, and it’s quite hard to build an axe while you don’t know how long it takes to get into these cabs to wash those water traps off your carries.

Patch 13.19 is Worlds patch. In addition to this, it comes with a series of major changes that make the meta versatile, rich, and especially interesting to watch. So, this patch is introducing tweaks to champions like Galio, Gangplank, Lee Sin and Lissandra, all known for their dominant pro play presence.


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