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Long Lasting and Consistently Unwatchable Horror Franchise ‘Wrong Turn’ Gets Ripped Apart by Fans

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Horror really embraces the trends, possibly more than any other genre, and each decade sees its own hyper fixation. The 2000s saw incredibly mean-spirited horror movies with characters facing so much misery that they could be considered simply misanthropic.

the wrong turn The saga has also lasted for movies given its quality or actual ideas, and the series somehow features seven different entries with only one reboot. For a series that is almost entirely a one-note gore Olympiad, that’s an impressive number of releases. The question horror fans ask is not just how, but why.

The horror subreddit saw a perhaps incendiary take on the series, wondering how it came to be and what the appeal is.

Each movie features the exact same plot and location. A group of young travelers (minimum two attractive female leads) get lost in the Appalachian wilderness of West Virginia and find themselves pursued by cannibalistic mutants on the slopes of the hills. A brilliant endorsement for the West Virginia tourism board.

Part of the problem with movies is definitely the lack of mix and the gratuitous violence that ends up feeling more mean than entertaining. The best comparison is probably with outright slashers like Friday the 13th, a series that prides itself on its deaths and ridiculousness. The tone of those movies allows you not to feel too muddy with violence because it’s all ironic.

wrong turn, however, is a love letter to fair gore. Arriving just in time for the seminal splash film saw, it was just an idea that seemed to excite the studios. Arguably the best thing about these movies is that the first one had Eliza Dushku from buffy la vampire slayer fame in it.

Not all horror has to be witty or thought-provoking, but it sure helps. Even horror comedy like Evil Dead makes it gory by making it part of the joke. wrong turnFrankly, I should have changed lanes.

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