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Lore Information And History Guide – Mechajammer

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By Charis

Learn more about history and syndicates in Mechajammer.


We highly recommend you read up on the lore after having experienced the start of the game.

Setting History

In the far future, Earth has been torn apart by overcrowding, pollution and war. In a desperate attempt to save their home world, the leaders of Earth began shipping out less desirable civilians to industrial colonies.

These colonies were founded and controlled by profit-driven syndicates, and as more and more humans were forced into service in the colonies, the syndicates inevitably formed their own governments with loose oversight from Earth and very little regard for the rights, privacy and dignity of their own increasing populations.

Rich from the profits of their industry and finding themselves with a steady flow of new colonists to recruit armies, the syndicates eventually began to wage war with one another, beginning the Ci-War, which would drag on without conclusion for many years.

Mechajammer takes place on Calitana, a low-tech mining colony with a central city carved out of the planet’s dense jungles. The Ci-War and the Syndicates’ abuse of power have lasted so long that they have become a fixture of everyday life, and humans struggle through the sorrows and triumphs of life with the threat of violence never far from their periphery.

The history of the human race has been re-written too many times by countless victorious governments and regimes to allow for an accurate timeline of dates, events and expansion, which gives life a vague, existential feeling that emanates through Earth’s colonies. Bursts of technology move the human race forward in small steps, but are suppressed by periods of stagnations caused by mass illiteracy, food scarcity and warfare.


Calitana is a humid, wet, jungle that is constantly encroaching into settled areas. Much of the city has been damaged by scattered warfare and rubble is a common sight. The planet was originally hospitable, but much of the water and vegetation have become infused with chemicals from industrial run-off, and the inhabitants are constantly vaccinating or fending off a variety of toxins. The original mines have largely been exhausted and abandoned, creating a network of tunnels below the city that is unpatrolled and home to some of the less pleasant creatures on the colony.

Some people are employed by the syndicates and live in protected campuses, but the majority live outside the boundaries of the syndicates and fend for themselves through black market employment and gang protection. Two of the eight islands have been largely abandoned and are home to some of the city’s most pitiable denizens, a subset of humans and animals who have been mutated by the toxins in the environment so far as to render their wits useless and tend to be violent and aggressive.

The main city of Calitana is composed of eight islands connected by trains, ferries and highways. Driving is the most popular means of travel, although workers are required to live on or near their campus and inter-island travel is discouraged by the Syndicates, who prefer their workers to stay focused on their tasks.

The city is run by MFI, the oldest and most powerful syndicate, but their jurisdiction is loose and generally only is enforced where their interests are at stake. Officially, Calitana residents are citizens of the government on Earth, and subject to their laws, but in reality the syndicates employ private police and guards to protect their campuses and goods, and will enforce their own rules on their property, leaving the general population to the protection and laws of local gangs.

The Mayflower Initiative

The wealthiest and largest syndicate in a walled off campus. Uses brutal tactics to enforce its dictates.

Wolffz Bay Shipping & Services

Originally a family of fishmongers, this small but nimble syndicate is fighting to expand their influence past the docks.

Quinton Industries

Based in the factory district, Quinton Industries manufactures clothes, hardware, construction materials and other goods for the slums, notorious for stealing secrets and resources from their inferior competitors.


Started by an exiled elite of the Mayflower Initiative from his position as Lead of Research and Discovery, Agro-Fax mainly derives profits from the sales of Synthetic food, the main source of nutrition on the island.

Arms Guild

The Arms Guild creates and distributes ballistic and Second Civil War weapons, weapon mods, and dabbles in the cybernetics and robotics as well.

The Faith

While Earth has become increasingly secular, the misery of Calitana creates an environment ripe for a new missionary cause, and though the Faith does not consider themselves a corporation, it would be a mistake to underestimate a leader that can summon so much loyal manpower.

The Quarry Men

The Quarry Men were the true original settlers of Calitana, prisoners sent from Earth to work off their sentence by building the colony. When the Mayflower Initiative arrived, they retreated to a quarry on the edge of the island, fortified by natural rock formations and watch towers, ostensibly to keep prisoners in, but perhaps also to keep everyone else out.

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