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Lost Arks jump start servers open on September 13th. Here are the details

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The fans of Lost Ark already knew that jump start servers were headed to the MMOARPG in September, but now the Amazon Games has announced its official launch date and shared more details on how many servers it will open as well as what players can expect when they hop in.

These servers will open on Tuesday, September 13th. As a result, four servers will be available on the web: two for NA players on the east and west coast, one for EU players, and one for South America. As long as the game progresses, a player population and progress will be determined by that if the jump start servers are going to merge back into the regular servers in six months.

The servers can increase the XP revenue across both of these methods by 200%, but players on jump start servers can also use a game-specific event, a powerpass, and a exclusive Shining Mokokos event that rewards the achievement of clearing and reclearing endgame content. A spin-start player can earn tokens which can be spent in a unique exchange shop for goods that enhance honing, rapport, Stepping-stone card sets and their sailing ships.

However, as for Septembers patch update, more details could be added soon, but there’s some time of the month next week. But until then, the answer isn’t too much on earth to come. We asked them these questions, and more, if you were curious about how Amazon will manage these servers, and how to handle the pitfalls with them, in our interview.

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