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Lotto | Discover the winning key for Draw n 020/2023

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The Totoloto key for the draw 070/2023 has already been revealed, and it’s fine to find out the winning key.

This winning key comes out of the numbers, who put us a prize worth several million dollars.

2 9 23 31 44 + 13

Check the Draw Number of your receipt when you check the key.

The information contained in this article does not exclude you from taking any advice for the official results of the Santa Recorde del Sevilla de Lisbonna.


Simply put, make one of every six wins, placing one win – with a separate one.

Five crosses in the numbers grid.

1 crossed on the lucky numbers grid;

You can play up to 10 sets for each ticket.

Depending on the number of kilos you use, the different ways you’re playing will provide you with a double betting system.

There are 11 cross numbers in the numbers.

First, cross the lucky numbers grid;

The single wager is only marked on the first set of the ticket. You should consult the changes under the TOTOLOTO Rules. The number of crosses should be marked in the appropriate space and marked Multiple.

You also have to choose one of the two available draw options: Wednesday or Saturday.

After finishing your bets, go to one of our employees and give them the tickets. Then again, to pay so you can just wait until you have decided to enter the contest!


The information summarizes the main standards that apply to TOTOLOTO, as they may be changed. Participation in competitions requires complete knowledge and strict acceptance of the rules of the aforementioned game. Participants are only allowed to participate in competitions when registered in central systems computer media.


Quickest, choose 5 wins and one lucky. If you want to put out a simple wager, mark 5 X at the number grid & 1 X at Lucky Number. A single ticket must be completed at least one ticket.

Various places: place multiple places in one! To be a multiple wager, you only need to fill in the first set of five crosses, including one cross, and one on the Lucky Number. The number-limit he placed with four crosses combined the marked number with the remaining numbers in the set once, equivalent to a total of 45 hetbets. The number of crosses you marked must be marked in the MULTIPLE spaces below the sets.

1. Guaranteed Minimum Prize of 1 million euro.

Topping of TOTOLOTOs is held on the Wednesday and Saturday. The key is extracted from a sphere by extracting 5 balls, with 49 numbers and 1 ball from a sphere with 13 numbers.

TOTOLOTO hat prizes. If a winning goal is not determined (+1) the winning prize is accumulated in one category, with the total value of the winning prize, which will become the winner of the following competition, Jackpot.

The lucky number returns the total number that corresponds to the registered wager. The prize is unique to the registration price and will be acquired separately.

The probability of winning prizes is 1 in 7.

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