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Lucasfilm president Praises Rosario Dawson for Star Wars: Ahsoka

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For the first time since the first film, Kathleen Kennedy had been excited for a Star Wars series: As well as praise for Rosario Dawson for his work, he put on his side.

Next week Disney+ has premiered its catalog Ahsoka, the new real image series of Star Wars directed to Ahsoka Tano, a character that is introduced in animated movies and has already been seen in the flesh in both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett played by Rosario Dawson.

Continuing with the chronology of the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, the plot of the series shows the former Jedi on a new mission with her allies, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla.

The trio of protagonists try to find the trail of the one of the greatest treasurers who was last seen disappearing into the vast reaches of space after a confrontation with Ezra Bridger.

Lucasfilm president is praised by the protagonist of Ahsoka.

In the official conference for Ahsoka with Lucasfilms (via ComicBook), president Kathleen Kennedy shared his enthusiasm for the series. Disney+ and praised the work of Rosario Dawson, who assures there’s no better person to play that role.

Rosario Dawson is a very powerful actress and is very talented in her works. All about who Ahsoka is, what she represents, the interesting tension that exists between evil and dark, the relationship she has with Darth Vader in the past, everything was only brought to life in a way that few other people could, Kennedy says.

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He who is your number one, she is set for the entire day when she arrives. And you will never meet people with a much better attitude in the morning than Rosario. He was on fire and ready for you.

She knows what she’s doing and she works on it, and I appreciate it like you can imagine. The way he attacks everything is, it’s the best thing. I think that is what works in us, that affects everyone, says Dave Filoni, showrunner and creator of the series.

Ahsoka will air on the 23. August 2023 on Disney+. Do you like to watch the latest Star Wars series with Rosario Dawson?

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