Ludwig defends the controversial profanity of YouTube that would discourage old videos from being released


YouTube updated its guidelines in December 2022 so they can crack down on inappropriate language in content uploads. The most controversial change was that videos that use profanity in the first seven seconds or that are used all the time, will be demonetized. All of the videos that aren’t aligned with the rule change were retroactively demonetized by the Google-owned site.

It had a much better effect to report that MoistCr1TiKaL talked about how much it made up his revenue on Dec. 31. Backlash has risen since then. Several claimed that it could even kill the platform.

I’m not sure. The official streamer believes that its an important reminder YouTubers eventually make content.

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Ludwig explained that while YouTubers make content for themselves and their personal brands, it must conform with what YouTube can sell to advertisers, because it’s what drives the wheels turn.

People think that YouTube is the free Utopia of this great era, he said in his channel on Jan. 2. This is the reality of a film, which everyone does on YouTube, but it has to be two times a day. One, keep it at your last stop. That is the reason for this algorithm is so good. And then two, all the content must comply with the wants of the advertisers, and that creates much of what they make.

Because of this reason, he said, YouTubers won’t have any choice but to bend the knee and to comply with the guidelines. Not only that, but in end everyone wants to get paid.

It’s also a reason for he thinks that YouTube didn’t do any too outrageous thing with these changes. I don’t think they make any decisions on the idea that they’re not a big influence on what we think is or isn’t advertising appealing. They did nothing detestious.

Although he did admit it could set a bad precedent that could eventually lead to the creation of a rule that guts half of YouTube, or a platform like Twitch that follows suit. If that was to happen, then he didn’t think there’s much content creators can do about it.

That’s because Twitch and YouTube have become so powerful, that people will lose nine times out of ten if they oppose them over policy changes.


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