Madden NFL 23 players are a loss of data due to server latency


Several Madden NFL 23 players are currently harassed against EA Sports this week because they ran away on data. During December 28 and 29th, if you did go on and get into the Franchise league, you could have received a specific error message telling the servers that they were unavailable. At first, players acted like a break-in-time rather than simple maintenance over the holiday – but later discovered the message had corroded their files and resulted in the erase of their save data. The company posted on its blog the message below to discuss the matter after the freak outrage on social media that triggered the attack – letting people know they were working to fix that, but that not all servers will be restorable. We’ll keep watching for sure and see how it’s developing, but without giving up data, you would be much better off start from scratch.

Madden NFL 23 (photocourtesy of EA Sports).

From the Developers: On Wednesday 12, 28 o’clock and 45 o’clock, players trying to access the Franchise Server received a error that leagues were unavailable. The question ran from 2:30 a.m. to 9:00 on Thursday 12 a.m. Unfortunately, if you enter a franchise over this time, your data was affected due to a data storage problem that resulted in a corrupting copy of the Franchise’s files.

NOTE:Players and leagues who had not yet been logged into this window are not affected and are now safe to play and log in.

First off, we’re sorry this happened. We know how important your franchises are for you and are working on a restoration issue to restore some files on backup basis as soon as possible. Without a doubt, all the affected leagues can still be restored. The team is currently planning to recover around 40 % of leagues. I’ll show you an updated timeline next week. There’s the possibility that a backup will be restored. If you logged in in the above window, you should start a new franchise in the coming months. Stay tuned [email protected] for updates on the restoration of the franchise.


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