Making it into the masses: Our 2023 resolutions on GM have a number of things to do:


I know that not everybody does resolutions, but even those who make them don’t really stick to them. Even when it comes to MMO resolutions, I don’t even judging you for the latter. The end of the year is not usually the time to set some goals and ambitious aspirations for the new year, so decided to do all that again. For this weekMassively Overthinking, I ask our writers and readers to offer up their resolutions and very high-resolution plans/goals for MMO or other gaming in the new year.

Andy McAdams: I’m a type of guy who does not do resolutions types. However, if I were to pick an intention, I would say I would end my self-reliance on mMOs and enlist them in a manner that never will for me. Do you say that? I am dunno. At least half the time when I burn out on a game, it was because of the random goal that I picked up and ended up being a huge slog, but for reasons that caused me to refuse to leave. If you want to win or not, that’s true. Eventually I start looking for another game without the self-inflicted burn-out baggage and the cycle repeats a bit more and more.

Ben Griggs, @braxwolf: I’m going to break my World of Warships habit, sometimes and try lots of other games. They might not even be MMOs, just something different to shake up some things.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Honestly, I think my main goal in 2023 is to get somewhere in Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve been so careful with many other people for so long that I think I’m really afraid to take my main too far. Nevertheless the whole game’s yet after me is so intriguing in LOTRO, and I think that I’m subconsciously scared of ruining it. But this is stupid. Then we want to stop talking about anything, but some sans that burn holes in my sans. I also like to invest more time in my favorite character, City of Heroes. I’m nearing to burning myself this year trying to save names but I miss my real toons.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): I’m taking my new year’s resolution seriously. In 2019, I set out a new plan. This is my intention to be more productive for the future. I need to do more with my life, and to be successful with my daughter.

How does that relate to gaming and gaming? A lot! I have a bit of a game in which I are not really productive. I like having fun in town. I don’t realize that any session in an MMO requires a larger project, whether it be a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2 or finally in Mythic Dungeons in World of Warcraft. Whatever it is, I want to spend more time.

I also enjoy watching a game in competitiveness. So another goal of mine is to win master rank in that game. It’s hard to commit to it and work hard for me. To me becoming an active adult and father is something extremely important to me.

And not just news. I want to write more about stuff that doesn’t attract attention, like roleplaying. With this subject, I get more focus on taking VR columns and early access titles. My personal level has changed the mood and I want to learn more from that, so I will take more advantage.

In the caveat, I would try to take my LOTRO Lore-master through the epic story with the cap without losing in one million side quests. Apart from this, I don’t have specific objectives. Just to play games as long as they’re of interest and give them a rest when I’m trying to eat something. I have a list of some MMOs that I haven’t touched in a while and can use some checks in, but the resolutions aren’t even very close to the resolution.

Mia DeSanzo: I have a wide range of games I have pre-downloaded for 2023, mostly the odds and ends of indie MMOs. I’m also thinking about the start of EverQuest II. Thank you, my readers, to call me, if you don’t see me writing about them.

Besides, I’ll try to be more social in my gaming. For real this time.

Sam Kash. This is my intent, I want to play full-fledged End of Dragons game. I never thought that there was an expansion I wouldn’t immediately jump into, but I didn’t really encourage it by the AFK time. I think I mentioned before that I normally played GW2 as a duo, so when the other half of this duo didn’t feel it, I didn’t just play.

I would like to bring a fair shake to Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert. ABO, yeah? It’s a very pretty game.

Overthinking that is literally the point. Your turn!


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