Man buys used Apple Time Capsule and finds the old owner’s data


A man bought a Timecapsule, a flight-carrier in Germany and was surprised by the many items from that previous owner. The cost of purchasing the used product is 15 (R$78) and the contents found at TikTok started to show it to his followers.

In case you didn’t know, this is a router that Apple has begun to discontinued. Apple uses a hard drive to store the various files on an Apple Mac. The device even suffered from problems that made users lose their backups due to a design defect.

Considering the digital items found in @dankeunextgay, the scope is quite large, and the stored content includes backups between 1980 and 2010. The data includes information like, “audits”, flights, card number, and much more.”

The user also found information about the ex-owner’s policy, which is sensitive to his life. Having listened to the facts in two videos, the man took a new post and was uncomfortable with the other side. He said that he wanted someone in the family to return the Time Capsule.

If the owner’s death, the product could have been donated or sold with other items. This would help explain why they didn’t erase the important data stored on that item.

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