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Many artists say AI will benefit the art, but it still needs to be regulated

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A group of artists wrote an open letter in which they argue that generative technology could be a useful tool in the arts. They insist that creative groups play a role in the debate relating to the regulation of this technology. Even artists consider AI as a tool that lowers barriers to entry into the profession, but express concerns about the possible negative perception of the computer generated works.

Image source: Jackson/Toonz / Pixabay.

In recent years, the question of how AI impacts people’s activity and art affects different spheres was actively discussed. Recently, a group of artists wrote an open letter to the American Congress demanding the use of machine learning in art; they used the technology for decades to perform music, art and other media.

In the letter, the artists emphasized that AI could lower the barriers to entry into the arts traditionally reserved for wealthy people with the right social connections. However, they also referred to the AI work as being wrongly understood as a mere reproduction of the existing work, or even data theft.

The authors of the letter urged the authorities to include them in the discussion on the regulation of generative AI and avoid exploiting the work of large corporations and other f-d. structures.

Yet, the letter also prompted criticism. Some argue that it doesn’t sufficiently show the serious problems of the concept of AI-systems arising from massive copyright infringement, which allows companies to use the work of artists for commercial purposes without their consent and payment of profits.

An open letter from the US Congress showed that there were three reasons for a balance between innovation and protecting the rights of content creators in the digital age. Let’s hope that the state will listen to the opinion of the professional community, making it easier for the state to hire a group more diverse and representative of AI consultants.

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