Many new features have come from Telegram, which will make WhatsApp jealous


Telegram shared its accounts as a means of sharing all of its new features with its users in the new year. New features shared by the instant messaging service Telegram were all about privacy, profile and storage. What are these features doing, then? Let’s look at this news in a separate picture.

New privacy features were introduced by Telegram.

Among the many new features called Telegram, they came in the privacy area. Many users of social media and communication applications are more careful about privacy. The new application of instant communication hidden media Due to the feature, the photos and videos sent are covered with silvery layers so the receiving party can download them.

That feature will help send private messages that do not come to the attention of everyone. In this new feature, click the three points in the right hand to send a photo. Click on a single button to change the color scheme.

Telegram has new features. But you’ll have to pay for these costs.

Telegram introduced a few new features for Premium users and some new visual changes for all users.

Telegram introduced a new feature, so only certain people can see a profile photo. With this feature, telegram users can be seen by everybody and only by certain. Two profile photographs can be set.

Telegram added a private feature for users. Members of a group with more than 100 members will hide their members from the group by activating this feature. That way nobody will know who is in the group except when members send messages.

There are more new features that Telegram offers.

In addition to privacy, Telegram introduced many new features in tools, media and storage. of the platform NONE Storage No Use of thanks to its feature, users. Media and storage files can be removed from the mobile/relax // and downloaded again. In addition, the new storage chart will tell how much space it takes to take up.

The platform is also a useful tool for communication. Drawing and text tools are added. Telegram users can use new features and add animated emoticons to images and change color, font and background while adding text.

As for a voice communication platform, various interactive and fun messages also exist. After a user sends certain emojis, an animated pair of these will appear on the screen.

Telegram to contacts who chose a profile photo and suggested a profile photo could also feature the technique. By such a way users will dress for people with profiles that only they can see. You may, by any chance, change your profile photo. Using the two new features, enter the persons profile and click the “Set Photo or ” Suggest photo”.

What do you think about that issue, our readers? How do you find these Telegrams new privacy and other features?


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