Marauders Marketplace will not re-setting or refreshing issue acknowledged, fixing in the works in the pipeline, fix in the works


Marauders is a popular title for the first-person shooter genre, in which players can play solo or multiplayer in industrialized deep space. It allows you to form a squad with up to three others.

Because the game is pretty fun, they want to try to take a lot of challenge.

A player can breach other ships and loot his cargo, as well as a tactical and immersive combat with others.

The developers recently released the Red Baron update for the game – adding new raid missions, market trades and weapons such as the M712 special variant gun.

The gamers are also offered new armor options like Heavy pilot armor, Heavy pilot helmet, Pilot Armour and Pilot Helmet.

But that’s how you play first-person shooters. Marauders often suffer from bugs and problems. If you’re facing some difficulties in playing the game, you won’t be alone.

Marauders Marketplace won’t reopen or refreshing.

According to the report (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players might be facing an issue where the Marketplaced trade deals won’t reset automatically after 24 hours.

Some complained that the available trades seem to reset randomly for them instead of resetting normal 24-hour time frames.

In a similar manner, an expert on Steam reported that they had the same old vendor displayed to them last many days.

My marketplace is broken. There is no challenge for three days. Source

One player said that while they have done all the trade deals, their marketplace is not refreshing, so the game becomes very complicated.


My daily trading deals have reopened for the last three days. I have completed one, and it hasn’t been replaced and the other four haven’t changed for the last three days. I don’t know if that’s a bug or if I’ve broken something out? Source

None of the markets offers haven’t been re-opened for me. As soon as I walked into the park, I was very hungry in the eyes of all of the other users. Source

Some report that the Marketplace glitch has been a long time, which makes them feel sad and disappointed.

Those gamers are annoyed because they don’t realize how much they can play the game as intended.

Official Response

Fortunately, the developers have officially acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix. If it weren’t noted, a standard ETA was not shared.

The developers still have to keep the problem fixed until it is solved.


Potential workaround

The problem is a small problem so I don’t feel alone. Those who’ve mentioned on the forums would be good at doing a hack.

When the price is low, you have to drag the price over to the dealer and then get it back to your inventory and put it there. Then, the sale price returned and I can get the gun normally. Source

We hope that the developers will soon fix the bug so that the gamers enjoys the game like its intended purpose.

Just keep tabs on the issue where the Marauders games marketplace is not resetting and refreshing for some gamers and update the article when we hear new information.

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