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Marvels Midnight Suns Jumps into Firaxis Tactical Legends Steam Special

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Now Is That the Combo?

Are you looking for a strategy RPG re-referring to be the best of 2022? How about two other legendary strategy games beside it? Well then, they’re in luck. Today, 2K firmly agreed with the announcement that Marvel Midnight Suns are joining forces in a Steam special offer. The deal titled Firaxis Tactical Legends bundle features non only Midnight Suns, but two others. Of course, the two games included are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2.

The Marvels Midnight Sun is a story rich film that brings players into a novel world. Combining RPG elements like character relationships, customization and progression with the strategic strategy of card-based combat. Players also get a chance to meet legendary Marvel-Heroes while making their way through an darker, more foreboding Universe.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a classic and critically acclaimed strategy game XCOM. Players are taking control of the secret, unavoidable class called XCOM. What are your goals? Deter Earth from a global alien invasion. Players need to manage resources, advance their technologies, and lead soldiers in highly turn-based battles.

Of course the fight doesn’t stop there. Firaxis tactical Legends bundle is also XCOM 2. The sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown introduces players to a world where aliens had the best chance of survival. In the new world players will lead a guerrilla force of soldiers, vastly outnumbered and vastly outgunned. You must prevent humanity from passing by.

The Firaxis Legends Bundle is on Steam until January 2nd. The package is for $60.45, but Steams are currently complete. Would you like to jump on this special offer?

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