Masahiro Sakurai explained in his new video the accessibility options for Our Last Job in Part 1: The accessibility of our most important devices


Masahiro Sakurai, a director of Super Smash Bros., among others.

In this video we begin with an overall assessment of the accessibility of a Naughty Dog. The only version that Sakurai says has the most customization options, which makes it possible for the PS5 version. According to him, the studio has done a great job of allowing nearly anyone to play, from the capacity to scale the HUD to the tidbit of instruments present. He liked the ability to see the effects of the various options, but also took time to show if the controls were properly established.

Masahiro Sakurai regularly posts videos on YouTube discussing various topics related to video games. His extensive knowledge and excellent communication skills make him particularly interesting to watch. There is also an interesting content.


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