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Mastodon dismisses investment firms Aroged

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The founder of Mastodon claims he denied all investments proposals, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr. Rochko told the Financial Times that he refused several investment proposals in the recent months. The reasons for the many proposals is that the social network rose rapidly following the Twitter transfer of Elon Musk. For example, Mastodon suddenly gained 200,000 new users in November. This number would’ve only increased since then.

Maintain an independent status.

Many investors have noticed that growth, Rochko said. He apparently received millions of dollars, but rejected the whole program. Why is this one of Mastodons’ open source models? You can use Mastodon on the most diverse servers, paying but not on the other side. This company is not for profit.

Rochko calls his company non-profit untouchable. He wants to maintain the independence of the platform by not accepting capital-money investments.

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