Maybe Guerrilla will give over for the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn?


All-up PS5: Guerrilla ready to step down for Horizon Zero Dawn remake?

Published at 11:19 on 02/01/2023 at 11:19.

Some players like this, others complain about it, but the remakes and the remasters are here, which work. Last of Us recently was the remake of Dead Space and Resident Evil coming and they’re expected. And many other people are off or seem to be.

Horizon Zero Dawn: a next-gen version?

Since October, the rumor has swelled. The original album of the Last of Us, often seen as remakster, also known as the “remake”, we started to think about the possibility of remake or remaster from the “Frank Zero Dawn” album, the first one of the Guerrilla Games’ relics. Originally released exclusively on PS4, this title is now released on PC in a book that takes on the extension The Frozen Wild.

Due to the critically successful operation, Horizon Zero Dawn allowed Guerrilla to put up a new album. The game was released on February 18, 2022 and is called Horizon: Forbidden West and follows the formula. If it’s for the PS4 or the PS5 version, Guerrilla will also be able to furtheraffir its technical skills in the Decima engine.

After this, MP1ST announced that Sony was working on a remake/remaster of the first game in October. We liarly discuss a system that improves lighting, reworked textures and a better elaborative animation to reduce the size of the doll or frozen effect. In concrete form, the idea would be to do the same thing for The Last of Us, and bring the first game up to the level of the second. The rumours are that they were drafted and reinforced by several insiders and sites, including VGC et Tom Henderson.

This rumors have continued, but without us having any new information to put it in our mouth. But recently, the podcaster, Colin Moriarty, who hosts the show entitled Sacred Symbols, said that the remaster/ remake work was well underway, but also new information. Indeed, Guerrilla Games wouldn’t be the main developer of that new version, so contenting itself with implementing and consulting its expertise. For now, we don’t know which studio has been entrusted with the project, if it’s really in development.

Horizon is a rapidly expanding universe!

Should we stay cautious, I think this rumors should prove all that is credible? We take the tweezers and wait, as long as we have a possible announcement from Sony. However, there’s not certain that we’re done with Horizon. From February 22 players who have acquired the PlayStation VR 2 can have their PS5 to launch Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This is a new adventure. It will feature the Ryas, a Shadow Carja, and will serve as a real technical showcase for the new virtual reality headset. Do you mind, right? Afterwards, we could get an online-featured game that uses multiplayer and external projects as well as one series adaptation.

Join Guerrilla in Amsterdam to expand the Horizon-world. It’s a fascinating time to come along! We have many jobs across multiple departments, so check them out here on our careers page and apply today!

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A request of Zero Dawn:

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