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McDonalds Pokem>e/em>mon TCG 2023 promo is almost over now as it will go live in America

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With the McDonalds Pokemon TCG 2023 campaign set to live on Sept. 12 in the United States after slowly rolling out last month in Europe.

This is another entry into the partnership between McDonalds and The Pokemon Company where the fast food giant has been taking special deals like Happy Meals with the Pokemon TCG for quite a while. Participants will receive promotion from Mondays through Mondays, September 12 and Oct 16 according to the date of a PokeBeach survey.

That’s a five-week run for the 2023 promotion, which will feature 14 reprinted cards from the Scarlet and Violet base set along with a Pikachu card from Paldea Evolved. Happy Meals includes an four-card booster, plus a holo and a toy with Pokemon.

The first day of the Halloween parade, The Day, and the World Series! Look for these articles on PokeBeach, here.

PokeBeach.com – www.pokebeach.com on September 6, 2023.

Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Cetitan, and Klawf can all be pulled in the confetti holofoil rarity recent McDonalds promosthough this year they will also have holographic card borders also.

  • Sprigatito
  • Fuecoco
  • Quaxly
  • Cetoddle
  • Cetitan
  • Pikachu
  • Pawmi
  • Kilowattrel
  • Flittle
  • Sandaconda
  • Klawf
  • Blissey
  • Tandemaus
  • Cyclizar
  • Kirlia

This is the first McDonalds promotion of Scarlet and Violet era of Pokemon, and the supply and demand for the current Pokémon TCG is very well underway.

If you want to buy the first few packs for yourself, you’re probably not going to have much trouble this time compared to years gone by – particularly the cheap discount that the promo cards usually sell on the secondhand market.

If you don’t want to drink a Happy Meal, you can simply wait until all the packs become available on eBay and TCGPlayer.

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After an initial spike, most of the McDonald’s packs have settled in the range of $2 to $4. But basically every promo card is going for just $2 individually, so you can enjoy a full set of all the things that you need.

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